08 Nov 2016

Viewers Beware: Neoliberals Dominate Financial Broadcast Journalism

While the 2016 election is going to have serious ramifications for political journalism for years to come, it should also be noted that financial broadcast journalism is more reactionary and conservative than political journalism and is just as dangerous to average Americans. The reason is that broadcast financial journalists are

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09 Jun 2015

Financial Journalism’s Objectivity Problem

Objectivity in the media has always been a very debatable and contested issue even among the most experienced professional journalists and academics, but so far those discussions have centered on everyday beat and political reporting, and not financial journalism. That’s a mistake because financial journalism today, especially as it is

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02 Dec 2011

Low Fund Costs Predict Better Future Returns

The debate over the benefits of active investment management versus passive investing remains a favorite topic of investors.   Whenever new data emerges to buttress the long-established argument that index funds, which use passive investing, outperform on all measures compared to active-funds, the strategy gains more attention. 

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