24 Apr 2017

An Overdue Parody on Capitalism or How Did Trump Become a Billionaire?

For a much-needed parody about the failure of corporate capitalism, check out this article in the Monthy Review. If you don’t think unregulated corporate capitalism has a lot of problems, how do you explain the sad fact that Trump became a billionaire? This is a very clever, much-needed light parody

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24 Jan 2017

How Will the Press Cover A President That Is Mentally Unstable?

“Trust me,” Trump said, “I’m, like, a smart person.” The unspoken and emerging realization is that President Donald Trump suffers from mental stability, specifically a “Narcissistic Personality Disorder.” While making any psychiatric diagnosis without actually having frequent meetings with a person is based on educated conjecture, it is not without precedent. 

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21 Jan 2017

Get Active: Get Your Ideas Noticed in These Uncertain Times

Need a blog, article, feature story, speech or corporate writer with 35+ years of experience to write or manage a project, write a book or edit a newsletter? Let me know. I have written by-lined articles for over 50 publications, plus a few books and won national writing awards (Society of American

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04 Jan 2017

Why Obama Intentionally Failed to Reform Wall Street

As President Obama leaves office this month after two terms, people should rightfully assess his achievements, especially those related to financial reform after the largest recession since the Great Depression. But for those who take the time, Obama’s financial reform legacy is non-existent. He had a Democratic majority at the

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13 Dec 2016

While World Index Rigging Becomes the Norm, Financial Journalists Watch

In the past few years, the investment and banking industries have absorbed news that the world’s largest indexes—LIBOR, gold, silver and even the largest world market, foreign exchange—have all been victimized to various degrees  by global banks and their traders who help set and also benefit from these same benchmarks.

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24 Nov 2016

Can “Fake” News Get Injected Into Financial Journalism?

A recent study conducted by Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education found that students could not differentiate between “fake” news, defined as sponsored content on web sites, from real news prepared by attributable journalistic sources and legitimate news outlets. Based on their study of over 7,800 middle school, high school

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08 Nov 2016

Viewers Beware: Neoliberals Dominate Financial Broadcast Journalism

While the 2016 election is going to have serious ramifications for political journalism for years to come, it should also be noted that financial broadcast journalism is more reactionary and conservative than political journalism and is just as dangerous to average Americans. The reason is that broadcast financial journalists are

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22 Oct 2016

When Did Reporters Become Wimps, Part 2

In an earlier post on this site, (When Did Reporters Become Wimps), I noted that many journalists who used to be called  enterprise reporters have become less aggressive.  Even worse, some have become shills for the political interpretation of the news. But it is important to note that this has not always been

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26 Sep 2016

When Did Reporters Become Wimps?

The current presidential election represents both a new nadir in national electoral politics and in the journalism that is covering it. Not since the days of Yellow Journalism in the late-1800s when sensationalism dominated over factual reporting has the press been so divided and partisan.  But the added twist today

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24 May 2016

No Chairs Thrown By Sanders’ Supporters: Snopes

As an earlier article on this web site said, there were no chairs thrown at the Bernie Sander Democratic convention in Nevada. The media did a poor job of verifying an allegation by a second-hand blogger that chairs were thrown, but the political media never did their basic job of

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