14 Dec 2016

Wells Fargo Fraud Continues As It Sells Insurance Policies to Unsuspecting Customers

[sgmb id=”2″] I think this is only the second time I have posted something directly from another site that was not original, but it is an important story on how far Wells Fargo has gone to deceive its own customers, many of whom don’t speak English, in order to sell

13 Dec 2016

While World Index Rigging Becomes the Norm, Financial Journalists Watch

[sgmb id=”2″] In the past few years, the investment and banking industries have absorbed news that the world’s largest indexes—LIBOR, gold, silver and even the largest world market, foreign exchange—have all been victimized to various degrees  by global banks and their traders who help set and also benefit from these

11 Dec 2016

This 70-Year-Old Memo Remains the Basis for U.S. Foreign Policy Today

[sgmb id=”2″] History does repeat itself and that remains true today. Stolen elections, campaign fraud, wars conducted over false information, assassinations, dirty tricks among political parties, incompetent elected officials at the highest levels of government are nothing new. But here is an interesting memo written 70 years ago which rings

05 Dec 2016

The Investment Industry Intentionally Avoids the Pension Underfunding Crisis

[sgmb id=”2″] Since I started in financial journalism over 35 years ago as a reporter in a two-person bureau in Chicago with the trade magazine Pensions & Investments, the issue of underfunded corporate and municipal pension funds is something we all learned on the first day of work. Now, over

03 Dec 2016

If You Hate Financial Regulations, You’ll Love This

[sgmb id=”2″] One of the core conservative beliefs of the Republican Party is to loosen or remove regulations, but a new proposed law by a conservative Senator raises the ante on eliminating regulations by forcing them to receive Congressional approval. This should make financial industry lobbyists salivate at the proposed