30 Mar 2016

Re-Booting Financial Journalism

In this election season, it’s pretty clear that the quality of political reporting has been called into question by both the electorate and even the president of the United States. Yet since economics, especially income disparities between classes and lack of wage growth and retirement security have also become central

15 Mar 2016

If You Thought Fund Expenses Don’t Matter, Think Again

Fund expenses are the only thing an investor can control. They cannot control market volatility, political disputes, oil production, Fed interest rate policy or the decisions made by public companies. But they have total control over their fund expenses and these represent money that goes directly to any investor’s bottom

11 Mar 2016

As Expected, Ryan Takes the Money to Fight the Fiduciary Standard

As a career politician, Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan knows the value of money, both now and in the future. Now, he has secured both by vowing to oppose the DOL’s pending fiduciary standard rule. And in the process, he will be paid lots of money. How much

05 Mar 2016

Regulatory Capture Finally Gets the Spotlight…For Now

At long last, the General Accounting Office (GAO) has been asked to investigate the revolving door personnel changes that occur under every administration between top-level people working on Wall Street who enter the very federal agencies that provide oversight for their former firms. This revolving-door scenario is common at all