28 Feb 2016

Re-examining Self-Regulation

Self-regulation is the Republican mantra today, but it has a long history of failure, especially in the financial services industry. As events have shown, price manipulations and outright fraud have been part of the daily business practices at some of the world’s largest banks and investment firms. This helps explain

26 Feb 2016

Correcting Smerconish

For better or worse, political talk radio and TV are how most Americans are getting their news about the 2016 presidential candidates and the state of the nation. Most people who know the difference between professional journalism, or even appreciate traditional journalism, lament the rise of political commentators who push

16 Feb 2016

Wanted: Non-Corporate Financial Journalists

Financial journalism used to be a straightforward presentation of market, company and economic facts, but almost imperceptibly over the past decade or so, financial journalism, especially on cable, has become blatantly pro-corporate in its daily news presentations and ever-present commentaries and editorials. This new distorted version of financial journalism has

10 Feb 2016

Rare Video of Trump’s First Campaign Meeting Surfaces

One of the largest voter segments identified as being strong supporters of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump is people with a high school education. Here is a rare video that shows their first meeting and how they came to be associated with the Trump presidential candidacy. To see this rare

09 Feb 2016

Sanders’ Claim That The “The business model of Wall Street is fraud” Goes Unchallenged by Wall Street

        “The business model of Wall Street is fraud.” Or, to put it another way, “The business model of Wall Street is conflict-of-interests.” By far, the most pointed statement made so far in the 2016 presidential campaign (at least, as far as the financial services industry is

04 Feb 2016

Will Cannabis Become the First Brand-Free Industry?

It’s no secret that every aspiring entrepreneur focuses on building a brand.  For certain industries, this is a valid pursuit. But for the emerging cannabis industry, devoting excessive resources in time and money to build a brand may be a mistake. The reasons: Cannabis is a perishable, crop-by-crop product, and