29 Jan 2016

How Honesty Will Change the Financial Services Industry

The Golden Rule is having an impact on the financial services industry. This biblical phrase, “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” (Luke 6:31) has driven discussions about the ethics of reciprocity for over a thousand years, but at many of the nation’s largest financial services

22 Jan 2016

Sanders Expands the Boundaries on Financial Reform

For decades, people concerned about financial reform and protecting individual investors against predatory industry practices have accepted the fact that they must work in a very confined space in order to advance even modest reforms. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has changed that perception. Sanders is an unabashed, long-time advocate

17 Jan 2016

Here’s the Only Surefire Way To Boost Returns: Cut Expenses

Market volatility is increasing. The market is swooning. China is approaching a recession. And your portfolio returns are falling. If you want to boost your returns, here is the best and easiest way.  Cut you fees and expenses. Those savings go right into your bottom line and not into your broker’s

12 Jan 2016

Powerball Winner Will Pay More in Taxes Than Some of America’s Largest Corporations

If there is a winner of the upcoming Power Ball Lottery, they could end up winning over $1.4 billion.  And accompanying this once-in-a-lifetime bonanza will be a tax bite that could run as high as $400 million, depending on how the payout is taken, as well as other considerations, such

05 Jan 2016

A Unique Candidate Makes a Historic Pledge: Sanders to Break Up the Big Banks

Democratic presidential candidate made an historic pledge today by promising to breakup the same global U.S. banks that caused the 2007 recession, wiped out trillions in wealth for all Americans, and have been abusing their privileged status for generations. In his speech today, Sanders said: “If a bank is too