28 Oct 2015

Setting the Stage for the Political End Times

Issues can be defined as how they are addressed, as well as how they are ignored. Tonight’s second Republican debate will continue to show the Party’s priorities, as well as what issues they choose to avoid.  While taxes, regulation, defense spending and anti-Obama rhetoric are all expected fodder for tonight’s

26 Oct 2015

Jeb Bush’s Correspondence with Narcodealers Erased from Secret DEA System

In his new book “Reply All,” Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush uses his e-mail correspondence with various constituents to explain his policies, political philosophy and strategy to promote his conservative platform as Governor of Florida.  (He served as Florida governor from 1999 to 2007.) But one very important series of

22 Oct 2015

Coca-Cola, Big Tobacco, Oil and the Need for the Fiduciary Standard

Coca-Cola, Big Tobacco, Oil and the Need for a Fiduciary Standard. What do all of these things have in common? At first glance, it would seem nothing, but there is a common thread: It’s about levels of deception. In some cases, these are deceptions that have lasted for generations and

20 Oct 2015

Senate Addressed Fiduciary vs. Conflict of Interest at Goldman Sachs

The more it changes, the more it is the same, is a paraphrase of a French proverb, but in this interesting exchange between Senators and Wall Street executives in 2010, in this case Goldman Sachs, the issues of ethics, fiduciary responsibility, and conflicts of interest were aired for one of the first

06 Oct 2015

A Lesson in How Republicans Use Propaganda

We use our eyes to see the world, but language is what helps shape our perceptions of how we view the world. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in politics. And if you want to twist the way people think about their most immediate surroundings and how they are governed, the Republicans

05 Oct 2015

Financial Journalism’s Glaring Blind Spot is Objectivity

When it comes to publicly discussing journalism’s ability to be objective, all shades of the political spectrum have their opinions. However, financial journalism has traditionally been considered more objective, mainly because it relies on financial data, market statistics, audited company balance sheets and information contained in legal vetted annual reports

01 Oct 2015

Are Republicans Finishing What Bin Laden Started?

While it’s not politically correct, here is something for political pundits to ponder: Are the Republicans trying to finish what bin Laden started? In a 2004 video message, Osama bin Laden boasted about leading America to a path of self-destruction, in an interview with Ted Koppel, the former managing editor