30 Sep 2015

Why Modern Business Requires Changes in Retirement Planning

Most advice on retirement planning has traditionally focused on the basics of portfolio construction, risk management, diversification, maximizing contributions and other financial considerations. But there is also another important aspect of retirement that only gets marginal coverage.  That aspect is happiness. Various indexes, such as the World Happiness Report, now

24 Sep 2015

Is the Cannabis Business Poised to be the Most Technological Industry Ever?

Call it good timing, fortuitous luck, or being in the right place at the right time, but the cannabis industry seems poised to become the most technological industry ever to develop. While the assembly line revolutionized auto manufacturing in 1913, this sole technological advance did not immediately change other elements

22 Sep 2015

New Study Finds the 2008 Recession Damaged the American Dream for Millions

Just as the Great Depression of the 1930s (that lasted from 1929 to 1941) affected an entire generation of Americans, the 2008 recession is having the same affect, according to a new study by  Allianz Life. The people that have been especially hard hit are Generation X and the Baby

22 Sep 2015

More Renters Erodes the Wealth Creation Potential for Millions of Americans

When there are more people renting apartments or homes, it reduces the opportunities to build wealth, according to some of the basic rules of financial planning. The latest statistics show that the historic increase in the number of people renting a place to live, as opposed to buying a dwelling,

19 Sep 2015

The Propaganda Wars Against Marijuana, Global Warming and the Dangers of Smoking

In a democracy with so many forms of open communication and social media, it would not seem possible that propaganda would have a major role in shaping public opinion and government policy today. Yet despite all of the supposed sophistication among a population inundated with all forms of information and

06 Sep 2015

Why Bankers Get To Keep All the Cookies

Sometimes the simplest message can become profound. Consider this simple one below:       This contains some powerful tricks to break personal connections that prevent people from working together. It does this by inserting economic jealousy, class hatred, and greed into a simple cookie analogy. In this case, the banker has the

04 Sep 2015

Principal Life Agrees to Lower Fees As Part of Class Action Settlement Offering Proprietary Funds

Principal Life, a subsidiary of Principal Financial, one of the nation’s largest companies in the 401(k) industry, likes to portray itself as the folksy neighbor interested in your financial well-being. But as a recent settlement shows, Principal Life has no qualms about pushing its own, more expensive proprietary funds to

01 Sep 2015

What Your Financial Advisor Should Be Doing For You

The age of consumerism has passed over the financial services industry. This means average investors who buy mutual funds, insurance policies, annuities and other types of investments work under the assumption that their financial representative is working in their best interests. This is a false assumption. As numerous lawsuits and