19 Feb 2015

What the Daily Show Can Teach Financial Journalists—Part 2

The Daily Show once again provides a great lesson for financial journalists The Daily Show’s great success with merging comedy and serious political and business coverage, while  reaching a previously unserved audience of younger people who never followed politics, is a great example for financial journalists who want to think

11 Feb 2015

What the Daily Show Can Teach Financial Journalists

  Yesterday’s announcement that comedian Jon Stewart, 52, is leaving the Daily Show after 17 years as host and writer marks a major turning point in comedy, but also in how news is presented. TV critics have rightfully pointed out that the show’s irreverent style, humor and tweaking the face of

03 Feb 2015

Hedge Funds Don’t Create Jobs–Revoke Carried Interest

Hedge funds, private equity and venture capital firms have failed both in performance and in their claims of creating jobs. As a result, the huge lobbying effort to gain preferential tax treatment through something called “carried interest,” should be revoked. Carried interest let these hybrid financials firms pay ordinary income