16 Dec 2014

What Ferguson and Retirement Planning Have in Common

At first glance, there is no connection between the shooting of an unarmed black man in Ferguson, Missouri, and planning for retirement. But dig a little deeper and you can hear some of the same criticisms about poor people who have too many run-ins with the police and people who

11 Dec 2014

How Retirement Became So Risky

Risk management is regarded as an essential element of modern investment management.  But few people recognize that retirement—the period when a person stops working and begins to decumulate their assets–has now become the riskiest stage of a person’s entire financial life.  Worse, most retirees are grossly unprepared to shoulder this

05 Dec 2014

Should Marijuana Companies Be Structured As Benefit Corporations?

The marijuana industry is projected to produce $35 billion in revenues by 2020, according to Greenwave Advisors.  So with this powerful revenue engine behind it, shouldn’t this transformational emerging marijuana industry structure itself differently than other traditional for-profit businesses? This is an important question since the evolution of the marijuana