21 Nov 2014

Investing in America’s Biggest Growth Industry: Medicare Fraud

While the nation has become embroiled in the Affordable Care Act debate, a critical element of U.S. health care practices has been less noticed: Medicare fraud and its huge financial impact on the economy. Medicare fraud costs taxpayers an estimated $800 billion a year, according to the Bloomberg News. This

18 Nov 2014

Principal CEO Says Investors Cannot Understand Benefits of ETFs and Alternative Investments

CEOs set the tone for their companies in every respect–behavior, motivation, intellectual curiosity, innovation and ethics—so it was not surprising to hear that the Larry Zimpleman, CEO of Principal Financial Group ($114 billion in assets under management), my former employer, criticized some of the most innovative products in modern financial

10 Nov 2014

Revisiting the Idea of American Social Mobility

As the 2014 mid-term election analysis continues, it is readily apparent that many voters and election experts say “the economy” is to blame for the major Republican win. But what do voters mean when they register objections against “the economy,” especially as it affects their individual economic situations? It’s safe

04 Nov 2014

Dems Pay the Price For Ignoring the Role of Propaganda  

Last night’s rout of the Democratic political achievements in the up-righting the economy, advancing health care coverage to more Americans than ever before, cutting the budget deficit and reducing employment, among others, have not gained traction in the electorate due to a ignoring an important persuasive tool: propaganda. Propaganda is