29 Jun 2014

Food Trade Associations Missing Biggest Marketing Opportunity of the Century: The Legalization of Marijuana

Students of history know that the most powerful idea is one whose time has come.  And that is why some of the nation’s largest food trade associations have entirely missed the boat on an emerging trend which has huge profitability written all over it. The vast opportunity, the equivalent of

23 Jun 2014

The Marijuana Industry Should Become the Newest Gem in Social Investing

Social responsible investing (SRI) is defined as the investment process in which “investors weigh the social and financial returns they expect from an investment in different ways. They will often accept lower financial returns in order to generate greater social impact.” Another more upbeat definition is: “SRI is an alternative investment philosophy

12 Jun 2014

Russell Sale Shows Popularity of Indexing and How A Product Stepchild Became the Crown Jewel

Russell Investments is on the block for a reported $2.8 billion asking price and is set to be acquired by the London Stock Exchange (LSE). Russell was purchased by Northwestern Mutual for $1.2 billion in 1999 and made an infusion of about $764 million when Russell’s money market fund dipped

11 Jun 2014

Examining Marco Rubio’s Social Security Reform Proposal

Sen. Marco Rubio, the Florida Republican in the 2016 presidential run, made headlines this spring by proposing a five-point, Social Security-focused reform plan. The last time Congress made changes to Social Security was 30 years ago, so Rubio’s plan helped to fuel an emotional and complex national debate, although nothing he

06 Jun 2014

How Exotic Financial Strategies Created the Perfect Storm for the 2008 Recession

It is common knowledge that the 2008 recession was created by a meltdown which affected the housing market worldwide and resulted in the greatest recession and wealth destruction event since the Great Depression of 1929. But what is less known is how exotic financial instruments used by the world’s hedge

02 Jun 2014

Capital, Austerity, Alienation and Pensions

“To put it badly, there are two ways to become wealthy: to create wealth or to take it away from others. The former adds to society.  The latter typically subtracts from it, for in the process of taking it away, wealth gets destroyed.”  –Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize Winner in Economics,