29 Aug 2013

Financial TV Journalism Suffers the Fall Out From Wealth Destruction

Financial journalism on TV has always been a difficult job. First, the mass audience is largely uneducated about the topic. Second, investing is a long-term process, but TV needed an exciting, immediate return for its advertisers.  Third, the topic needed to be re-invented to make it exciting. Finally, it could

27 Aug 2013

Did the Fed Use the Wrong Tools to Resurrect the Economy?

Quantitative easing has been the Fed’s major policy to resurrect the economy since late-2008, but after spending hundreds of billions in the process, it is now fair to ask if better tools were available to resurrect the economy faster than massive bond purchases. It’s a legitimate question, especially considering the

21 Aug 2013

Show Me the Money: Facing the Dangers and Causes of Stagnant Real Wages

The study of economics was originally called political economy because classical economists readily acknowledged that monetary policies were determined by the state, or at least its most affluent social groups.  But as economic theories and fiscal policy development became more complex, economics became a distinct science, and seemingly shed its

14 Aug 2013

Changes in Insurance Brokerage a Cautionary Tale for Mutual Fund Wholesalers

Health care reform has many things in common with the way financial services are delivered, and could be changed, if financial reform gets more political and public support.  But in the interim, changes are coming to a related industry–insurance brokers–who are now re-inventing themselves due to  changes in the way