23 Jul 2013

Plan Sponsors Affronted By Too Much Disclosure?

Disclosure has its pros and cons.  It is good when someone wants to release good news, and the opposite emerges when there is bad news afoot. That seems to be the case when Yale University Law Professor Ian Ayers sent 6,000 letters to plan sponsors notifying them of their ranking

21 Jul 2013

Detroit Bankruptcy Highlights Need For Greater Pensioner Representation

The historic decision by Detroit to declare bankruptcy under the rarely used Chapter 9 clause has not only upended municipal bond markets, but it has also focused more attention on municipal pensions and created an odd endorsement to protect the city’s 20,000 pensioners from having their benefits cut or eliminated

18 Jul 2013

Major Disconnect in Survey on Impact of Fund Fees on 401(k) Participants

Something does not add up in a recent survey on the impact of the DOL mutual fund fee disclosure regulations on 401(k) plan participants. According to a survey of 416 plan sponsors conducted by BMO Retirement Services, 80% of employers reported that the new DOL rules mandating full disclosure of

17 Jul 2013

When Time Is Not On Your Side

Baby Boomers may recognize the old 1964 Rolling Stones’ song, “Time Is On My Side,” but when it comes to people who are approaching retirement, they should start humming another tune. That’s because with the huge losses in both home prices and in their equity portfolios, anyone approaching retirement should

05 Jul 2013

Who Does the Cost-Benefit Analysis for Individual Investors?

A recent article noted that two powerful financial services lobbying groups are warning that if the SEC pushes for adopting a universal fiduciary standard will be very expensive for financial firms. But since individual investors have few advocates in Washington, no one has bothered to ask how much money the