27 Jun 2013

So Much For Free Markets: Price Fixing Probes Expanding

Just as we continue to hear about the benefits of free markets for free men, government investigators and economists on both sides of the Atlantic are expanding their probes into price fixings for gasoline, while economists are trying to develop a methodology to determine how much the LIBOR price fixing

26 Jun 2013

CEOs Get Their Pensions, But Not Their Employees

News that the CEO and chairman of the drug distribution corporation McKesson Corporation has received the largest pension in U.S. history highlights the gap between corporate executives and their employees. As more corporations discontinue their pensions ans convert to 401(k)s, where employees assume all the risk for navigating their financial

25 Jun 2013

Beware the Housing Euphoria: Long-Term Outlook Remains Uncertain

Recent news that the Case-Shiller Housing Index posted a five-year high in May is cause for some celebration at the macro-level, but since the index is so regionally variable, investors and average homeowners should not start spending their home equity and paper appreciation. That’s the caution from Yale Professor Robert

24 Jun 2013

Workers Unhappy With Wages and Stress, Gallup Poll Finds

It should not be any surprise that a June 2013 Gallup poll finds that a majority of workers don’t like their jobs, the accompanying workplace stress and working conditions. These poll results are expected because workers have not received wages increases for the past few decades, nor benefited from the

14 Jun 2013

News About 401(k) Fee Decreases Benefit All Investors, But More Is Needed, Author Chuck Epstein Asserts

Recent declines in 401(k) fees in both small and large plans benefits all 401(k) investors, but more investors must become more involved in managing their fund expenses if they want to save thousands of dollars more over their investing lifetimes and secure a more financially retirement. That is the advice

12 Jun 2013

Beware the LIBOR Big Rigging Scandal

Anyone who has ever spent time on an exchange’s trading floor goes through a progression of observations. First, is the awe at the commotion.  There are the coats of different colors, the trader’s frenzy, the enormity of the closed space, the roar, the clutter of papers and the mix of

11 Jun 2013

Shocking News: JP Morgan Tells Its Brokers to Only Push Proprietary Funds

The famous scene in “Casablanca,” in which police commissioner Captain Renault (Claude Rains) tells ex-patriate Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart)  that he is “shocked” to see gambling going on in the casino-bar, has earned its place in movie history. Now, investors will be similarly “shocked” to hear that JP Morgan’s brokerage

10 Jun 2013

Epstein Radio Interview on Ill-Effects of Fees Now Available

KPLU -FM radio  in Seattle, Washington, has aired the interview they conducted with me on my book, and the negative impact of fees on 401(k)s and mutual funds.  KPLU’s business and labor reporter Ashley Gross did a great job of conducting the interview. The audio is available here As of

08 Jun 2013

Epstein Interview on KPLU (88.5 FM) in Seattle, June 10 at 6:30 am and 8:30 am

KPLU radio (88.5 FM), the NPR affiliate in Seattle, Washington will air an interview with me on my book at 6:30 am and 8:30 am on Monday, June 10. The interviewer is Ashley Gross, KPLU’s business reporter. The book is “How 401(k) Fees Destroy Wealth and What Investors Can Do

03 Jun 2013

Hey Girlfriend: Time To Ask “Can You Afford It” Callers About Salary Increases

Dear Girlfriend: As one of your viewers, it may be time to change the format of questions you ask during the “Can You Afford It” segment. For those of you who don’t know, this is the segment when people contact Girlfriend to ask whether they can afford to buy a