28 Feb 2013

Mary Jo White and the SEC: Whose Side Is She On?

The nomination of Mary Jo White to be the next SEC chairwoman raises serious questions about that agency’s revolving door policy and how conflicts-of-interest can be publicly flaunted without any serious repercussions. Based on reports from the New York Times, when White’s name was floated for the top SEC position,

14 Feb 2013

Good and Bad News In New Fidelity 401(k) Study

There is good and bad news in the most recent Fidelity study on average 401(k) balances. The good news is that 401(k) balances grew by almost 12% in 2012, making the average 401(k) account $77,300, up from $69,100 in 2011. According to Fidelity, the nation’s largest 401(k) administrator, average 401(k)

11 Feb 2013

The SEC’s Structural Problem and Mary Jo White

“The more things change, the more they remain the same” (Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose) is an old French expression that conveys the pessimism of established practices. This is especially evident in the phrase plus ça change that “indicates a certain disillusionment or resignation regarding whatever is