19 Nov 2012

Why the Mutual Fund Industry Does Not Want To Reveal $10 Billion in Hidden Costs to Equity Fund Shareholders

Equity mutual fund investors are incurring unfair trading costs of up to $10 billion annually, which penalizes long-term investors. The industry knows about this problem, but does not want to correct it, even if there is a viable solution, according to financial expert Seymour Sacks. Here are some reasons for

06 Nov 2012

Elizabeth Warren Win in Massachusetts Bolsters Financial Reform Push

Looks like the victory of Elizabeth Warren as the new senator in Massachusetts will revive the battle for Dodd Frank, the fiduciary standard and other needed financial reforms. Warren, a Harvard law professor and bankruptcy expert, is a major, vocal proponent of  financial reform and will provide some much needed

05 Nov 2012

Privatizing Social Security Will Be Gen X and Gen Y’s Poverty App, Author Chuck Epstein Says

Proposals to create private investment accounts in Social Security will victimize ill-equipped investors, generate huge fees for the mutual fund industry and jeopardize the financial security of millions of Americans How 401(k) Fees Destroy Wealth and What Investors Can Do To Protect Themselves by Chuck Epstein Privatizing any aspect of