26 Apr 2012

The DOL: An Individual Investor’s Best Friend

If you ask any investor: “Which federal agency is supposed to be looking out for your best interests?” the most common answer would be the SEC. That is the wrong answer.  The correct one is the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), which will enact new regulations in July that will

19 Apr 2012

Revenue sharing lawsuit costs plan sponsor $35 million

In what is being called the first suit involving revenue sharing and fee disclosure and heightened transparency, a Missouri company has been ordered to pay $35 million to current and former plan participants. The lawsuit  (Ronald Tussey et al v. ABB Inc. et al, Case No. 2:06-CV-04305-NKL, United States District

16 Apr 2012

Goldman Sachs Proves Some Customers Are More Equal Than Others

While all men are created equal, history proves that over time, some men become more equal than others. That is certainly the case at the highest levels of Wall Street where the ability to move markets give the largest and most secure profits to those who are more equal than

10 Apr 2012

Where Did All The Securities Industry Jobs Go?

“The Securities Industry continues to meander around the 800,000 job level, where it has been stuck for nearly 3 years. March saw the loss of a few hundred jobs.”–BrokerHunter, April 10, 2012 If any investors wonder whether they are getting the best service possible from their brokerage firm or fund