28 Feb 2012

Greed in the News

Maybe it’s an indication of the End Days, or at least the start of a new bull market, but the news today had a number of events which all shared the common themes of greed and rampant ethical abuses among people in the  financial services industry.  Here  are the specifics:

24 Feb 2012

Take Control Over Your Retirement: The Individual Investor as Entrepreneur

Whether it is due to demographics or the dismal performance of the stock market or the weak economy, the focus on retirement income has never been greater. So while much of the media’s attention is focused on the big picture, the bulk of Americans approaching and saving for retirement through

11 Feb 2012

Are Target-Date Funds the Ideal Default Investment Choice?

With over $ 270 billion in assets, target-date funds (TDFs) continue to be the default provision favorite for millions of future retirees as part of the Pension Protection Act of 2006.  But despite their wild popularity, TDFs have yet to overcome what many consider some fundamental design flaws that make