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Investment returns in 2016 will be no laughing matter
20 Nov 2015

Investors and Retirees Should Expect Less in 2016

2016 looks like it will be a rocky years for investors. U.S. economic growth in 2016 was cut to 2.4%, a decrease from a previous estimate of 2.8%, according to a report by Goldman Sachs in September 2015. On a global level, GDP growth was cut from 4.3 %  to 3.7% primarily due

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren
05 Nov 2015

The Investment Company Institute Again Betrays Individual Investors

The leading trade association of the $16 trillion in assets (as of year-end 2014) mutual fund industry has again shown its distain for individual mutual fund shareholders. In a recent letter to Congressional committee, the president of the Investment Company Institute (ICI), the mutual fund industry’s leading lobbying group, went

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22 Oct 2015

Coca-Cola, Big Tobacco, Oil and the Need for the Fiduciary Standard

Coca-Cola, Big Tobacco, Oil and the Need for a Fiduciary Standard. What do all of these things have in common? At first glance, it would seem nothing, but there is a common thread: It’s about levels of deception. In some cases, these are deceptions that have lasted for generations and

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Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs
20 Oct 2015

Senate Addressed Fiduciary vs. Conflict of Interest at Goldman Sachs

The more it changes, the more it is the same, is a paraphrase of a French proverb, but in this interesting exchange between Senators and Wall Street executives in 2010, in this case Goldman Sachs, the issues of ethics, fiduciary responsibility, and conflicts of interest were aired for one of the first

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George Orwell and the masters of propaganda
06 Oct 2015

A Lesson in How Republicans Use Propaganda

We use our eyes to see the world, but language is what helps shape our perceptions of how we view the world. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in politics. And if you want to twist the way people think about their most immediate surroundings and how they are governed, the Republicans

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05 Oct 2015

Financial Journalism’s Glaring Blind Spot is Objectivity

When it comes to publicly discussing journalism’s ability to be objective, all shades of the political spectrum have their opinions. However, financial journalism has traditionally been considered more objective, mainly because it relies on financial data, market statistics, audited company balance sheets and information contained in legal vetted annual reports

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