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05 Dec 2016

The Investment Industry Intentionally Avoids the Pension Underfunding Crisis

Since I started in financial journalism over 35 years ago as a reporter in a two-person bureau in Chicago with the trade magazine Pensions & Investments, the issue of underfunded corporate and municipal pension funds is something we all learned on the first day of work. Now, over 35 years

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More lobbying money than ever.
03 Dec 2016

If You Hate Financial Regulations, You’ll Love This

One of the core conservative beliefs of the Republican Party is to loosen or remove regulations, but a new proposed law by a conservative Senator raises the ante on eliminating regulations by forcing them to receive Congressional approval. This should make financial industry lobbyists salivate at the proposed law since

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Chris AIlman, CIO, CalSTERS pension fund
29 Nov 2016

CalSTERs CIO Says Indexing Is Best For Individual Investors

The Chief Investment officer (CIO) of CalSTRS, the second largest pension fund in the U.S. said his fund relies more on indexing than active management primarily due to the high fees and sub-par returns associated with active management for their $192 billion pension fund. In an interview on Bloomberg TV today

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Henry Ford receives the Nazi Cross in Nazi uniform in 1938.
28 Nov 2016

Financial Professionals Must Acknowledge the Dangers of Financial Stress

For decades, investment professionals have focused on wealth management, trading, selling funds products and 401(k)s, but there has always been one glaring omission: These same professionals have intentionally avoided the millions of Americans who live paycheck to paycheck and have no savings. And since they are unable to participate in

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Stephanie Ruhle of  CNBC
24 Nov 2016

Can “Fake” News Get Injected Into Financial Journalism?

A recent study conducted by Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education found that students could not differentiate between “fake” news, defined as sponsored content on web sites, from real news prepared by attributable journalistic sources and legitimate news outlets. Based on their study of over 7,800 middle school, high school

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Steve Bannon
17 Nov 2016

How Bannon Capitalized on Unpunished Housing Fraud and Helped Trump Win

In an earlier post on this site, the case was made that the American public was outraged that no one went to jail for the systematic housing fraud that happened starting in 2005 and precipitated the worst recession since the Great Depression. The resulting recession wiped out over a trillion

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