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05 Oct 2015

Financial Journalism’s Glaring Blind Spot is Objectivity

When it comes to publicly discussing journalism’s ability to be objective, all shades of the political spectrum have their opinions. However, financial journalism has traditionally been considered more objective, mainly because it relies on financial data, market statistics, audited company balance sheets and information contained in legal vetted annual reports

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01 Oct 2015

Are Republicans Finishing What Bin Laden Started?

While it’s not politically correct, here is something for political pundits to ponder: Are the Republicans trying to finish what bin Laden started? In a 2004 video message, Osama bin Laden boasted about leading America to a path of self-destruction, in an interview with Ted Koppel, the former managing editor

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Retirees on the financial tightrope
30 Sep 2015

Why Modern Business Requires Changes in Retirement Planning

Most advice on retirement planning has traditionally focused on the basics of portfolio construction, risk management, diversification, maximizing contributions and other financial considerations. But there is also another important aspect of retirement that only gets marginal coverage.  That aspect is happiness. Various indexes, such as the World Happiness Report, now

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24 Sep 2015

Is the Cannabis Business Poised to be the Most Technological Industry Ever?

Call it good timing, fortuitous luck, or being in the right place at the right time, but the cannabis industry seems poised to become the most technological industry ever to develop. While the assembly line revolutionized auto manufacturing in 1913, this sole technological advance did not immediately change other elements

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Looks like the party is over some in Gen X and the Baby Boomers
22 Sep 2015

New Study Finds the 2008 Recession Damaged the American Dream for Millions

Just as the Great Depression of the 1930s (that lasted from 1929 to 1941) affected an entire generation of Americans, the 2008 recession is having the same affect, according to a new study by  Allianz Life. The people that have been especially hard hit are Generation X and the Baby

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Home ownership is getting more unattainable or undesirable.
22 Sep 2015

More Renters Erodes the Wealth Creation Potential for Millions of Americans

When there are more people renting apartments or homes, it reduces the opportunities to build wealth, according to some of the basic rules of financial planning. The latest statistics show that the historic increase in the number of people renting a place to live, as opposed to buying a dwelling,

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