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Lincoln Douglas Dabates
26 May 2016

Sanders vs. Trump: Could this Be the Debate of the Century?

Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders and Republican Capitalist Donald Trump have tentatively agreed to a debate before the June 7, 2016 primary in California. If so, the event would be an uneven intellectual, bare-knuckles debate about a range of critical issues ranging from the failures of unregulated capitalism, income inequality, the

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz
24 May 2016

No Chairs Thrown By Sanders’ Supporters: Snopes

As an earlier article on this web site said, there were no chairs thrown at the Bernie Sander Democratic convention in Nevada. The media did a poor job of verifying an allegation by a second-hand blogger that chairs were thrown, but the political media never did their basic job of

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Time for new Masters of the Universe to emerge
22 May 2016

Time for Outsiders To Emerge in the Financial Services Industry

Being a political outsider has captured the attention of the American electorate in the last decade or so and is now been credited with generating a fundamental re-assessment of the national political establishment.  Now, it’s time for outsiders to emerge in the financial services industry. Why? Simply because the “financial services industry,” a term

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No big party for younger workers
20 May 2016

How Student Debt Impacts Home Ownership and Retirement

Despite all the complexities of investing and the machinations of the financial markets, there are only three main ways to build wealth for the average American: Through home ownership, by creating a portfolio and by savings. Of these, the one with the largest, most consistent and common payoff is home ownership. That’s

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Welcome to the open convention
19 May 2016

The Mystery of the Flying Chair: A Bad Day For Journalism

It is easier to steal a canoe than a pack of gum and so it was in Nevada this week when the Nevada Democratic Party railroaded the Bernie Sander’s campaign by ignoring a floor debate and unilaterally declaring a vote and more delegates to Hillary Clinton. The disputed result produced a vocal display

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New overtime rules
18 May 2016

New Overtime Pay Rules for Workers Should Benefit Financial Advisors

Today’s decision by the US Department of Labor to authorize overtime payments for certain workers to boost their net take home pay is good news for financial planners. Under the new rules, almost all workers earning salaries beneath the “overtime salary threshold” of $23,660 are entitled to time-and-a-half pay whenever

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